What life lessons can country music teach us? From love and loss to everything in-between, our favourite country music songs are not only great to listen to, they really make us feel connected to the singers and they can also teach us certain life lessons.

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Miranda Lambert

Don’t Blink

Living in the moment and enjoying life is certainly one theme that we could all look to embrace. Regardless of who we are, it seems that we are all guilty of letting life overtake us. We should all take time out to listen to the wise words of Kenny Chesney’s Don’t Blink – it eludes to not letting life pass you by and not worrying about the small things – great advice Kenny!

Difficult times

Sadly, in life, we have all lost at least one person in our lives that we loved and admired. Loss is a pretty common theme in country music and the songwriters most likely draw upon the own experience to truly bring the emotion of loss. Listen to the likes of Cole Swindle’s You should be here for inspiration.

There is no place like home

Country music allows stars to travel all throughout America and beyond to showcase their music, but whilst travelling is undoubtedly fun and a great opportunity to meet all the fans – it can be tedious and for some singers, makes them homesick for their home, families and friends. This is certainly reflected in songs like House that Built Me by Miranda Lambert.

All about love

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EmmyLou Harris

Love is probably the most written about life lesson in not just country music – but other genres too. The giddiness of a new love, marrying the man or woman of your dreams and growing old together. The exuberance of This Kiss by Faith Hill epitomises this, as does her husband Tim McGraw’s sweet song My Best Friend.

Poker Face

Heading to the casino is also a common theme – not just in country music, but all music. Just look at Faith Hill’s Let’s go to Vegas, Juice Newton’s Queen of Hearts and EmmyLou Harris’ Sin City. Some of our favourite tracks include Two of a kind, working on a full house by the legendary Garth Brooks, and Ace in the Hole by George Strait. These songs really celebrate the excitement of playing poker and visiting casinos.

Vegas and casinos have always been a strong theme in music overall, which is reflected in songs like Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, Motorhead’s Ace of Spades, The Fall’s Diceman and The Rolling Stones’ Tumbling Dice. These songs often talk about the parallels between life and the casino – there might be losses and risks, but there are also lots of rewards too!

Life lessons from country music

You don’t necessarily have to be a hugely successful country music star like Carrie Underwood or Garth Brooks to write a hit country song in order to learn from life’s different lessons. All you need to do is to sit back and relax and listen. What life lessons do you feel that you have learnt the most from country music?


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