The New Year Calls for New Music from Country Artist, Tim Elliott


Blue-collar Country artist, TimElliott, is the grandson of a West Virginia coal miner who also had a heart for music.  The backbreaking, dirty work didn’t stifle Elliott’s grandfather’s pursuit of playing music and serves as the backdrop of Elliott’s story; Bluegrass jam sessions were a regular occurrence on Saturday nights. Elliott mastered the acoustic guitar at the age of eight and banjo, mandolin and keyboard followed.

 “I’ve never been given anything,” Elliott says of his journey so far. “There’s definitely no trust funds and no ‘daddy’s money’. Everything that I’ve achieved thus far has been by the sweat of my brow.”

 On January 5Elliott released a new single, titled “I Got You” through The Orchard/Sony. The single will be the first ballad from Elliott, following his two up-tempo singles “Start Pourin’ Whiskey On It” and “What’s Not To Love,” both released in 2017. “I Got You” was written by Tim Elliott and Bill Diluigi and produced by Grammy Nominated Kent Wells.

Elliott said, “This was the first song I wrote when I got to Nashville. ‘I Got You’ has always held a special place in my heart, so I am super-excited to share it with the world. In today’s world, I think, we get so wrapped up in work and our careers. I hope that this song reminds folks to let the person that’s closest to them know “I got you” no matter the situation, even if it’s nothing more than a dance around the living room.”  

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