From the backwoods of DeQueen, Arkansas to the big city lights of Nashville, Tennessee. Charlie Farley is paving a path for a new genre of country music that blends hip-hop and country. As Charlie says, “hick-hop.”

Father, expert angler and artist, Charlie Farley, is somehow finding time to balance it all. Not only myself, but also other fans as well are glad he’s back doing what he loves, making music.

In his newest album, All That I’ve Been Through, he proves that his passion for writing songs doesn’t just come from beer, trucks, and mudding. He quotes a lyric from the first track, “Mud ain’t all that I’ve been through/ and beer ain’t all that I can brew.”

The 13-track album features some upbeat, fun songs, like the new single, “Southern Summertime” but it also showcases Charlie’s diversity as an artist with songs such as “Red Rose.” With “Southern Summertime” Charlie paints a vivid picture of what summer in the south looks like with the chorus: “Singin’ along to the radio/ poppin’ the top on something cold/ tryin’ to beat the heat with a little buzz/ girls in the cut offs and dixie cups/ little country fun up under the sun/ we havin’ the time of our lives/ whooa, whooa, whooa/ it’s a Southern Summertime” But that’s not all he writes about on this album. “Red Rose” -an emotional song about the passing of Charlie’s sister is one that will bring tears to your eyes. Charlie shares it was a very personal song for him and states, “If my music can help one person then I’ve done some good in my life.” Charlie has done just that with this album, taken bits and pieces of his life and put heart into each and every one of the tracks.

Enhanced by guest appearances from Colt Ford, Daniel Lee, Cody Davis, Alex Hall and Noah Gordon, All I’ve Been Through is definitely an album worth checking out!

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Discovering Charlie Farley- All I’ve Been Through

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