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This week’s “Featured Friday” artist is a multi-talented New Jersey native whose soulful music has already captured the hearts of many fans.  Anjelia Pelay, a Los Angeles-based country singer-songwriter is igniting the female country scene with her powerful vocals in her new single “Kiss My Ass” from the EP “The Heart Decides.”

Pelay’s southern rock style of music has been compared to the Dixie Chicks and parallels that of today’s top female country singer, Miranda Lambert. “Kiss My Ass” is a song that really hits home for some women who are battling an unhealthy relationship and who choose to walk away from a man who no longer makes them feel valued. “I want anyone who has been through this awful situation to be able to listen to this song and feel empowered; like they can conquer the world when they turn up the volume, roll down the car window and let their hair blow in the wind.” Sung with a little sass and rock edge, the chorus “you’re gonna miss every part of me/kiss my ass good- bye” expresses the strength of the woman. This song has been a favorite on my playlist all week and every time, I would find myself singing along with the chorus.

I have enjoyed spending the time this week getting to know Anjelia through email, and I can definitely say this artist has something special to offer.  From her heartfelt lyrics to her fearless personality and strength as a musician after losing her father to cancer, she has a presence that makes fans want to engage in her music.

So be sure to check out her new single “Kiss My Ass” on Soundcloud!

Link to “Kiss My Ass”

Tell us where you grew up and how that has had an impact on your music today? I grew up in the same state as “The Boss”, New Jersey. There’s something about Jersey that can tear you apart enough to be creative, and then lift you back up in a different way. It was always keeping me inspired. Although most people that haven’t lived there might not agree, it’s a pretty enigmatic state. I like that still to this day, it made me have a lot to say in my music.

“Kiss My Ass” is the new single from the EP “The Heart Decides”- Tell us about the inspiring lyrics behind this song. Have you had to tell any men to “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye?” I’ve always been pretty private about my personal life, especially when it comes to love but I do not hold back in my songs. I feel like I can share enough about my life in the music to let people know what I’m going through and that’s exactly what I did in this song and album. “Kiss My Ass” is about becoming strong enough to walk away from an abusive relationship with a manipulative partner. I want anyone who has been through this awful situation to be able to listen to this song and feel empowered; like they can conquer the world when they turn up the volume, roll down the car window and let their hair blow in the wind while singing along..after of course, they’ve told that jerk to “kiss their ass goodbye”.

Can you tell us why the single “Heart of Gold” holds a special place? “Heart Of Gold” is about my father who passed away from cancer. He was my best friend and my greatest influence both as a person and musician. He was also an amazing blues guitar player. The best thing for me was putting my memories of him to music. That song is definitely my favorite on the new album for many reasons but mainly because it is so close to my heart. When he passed away, I lost the most important person in my life but I also became fearless with pursuing my music; whether it be writing, performing, or my career in general. And I have him to thank for that.

What artists have influenced your musical career along the way? Most definitely the music I was raised on has influenced me the most: Johnny Cash, Buddy Miller, Eric Clapton, The name a few. As I was growing up, I always loved The Dixie Chicks and today I’m digging Miranda Lambert and The Band Perry like no other, but the classics I grew up with will always hold the number one spot for me.

You said, “Kiss My Ass” has been played on a few radio stations in LA recently. What’s it like as a new artist hearing your song on the radio for the first time? It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever besides performing. Actually, even cooler is when someone contacts me after they hear it let me know how much they love and feel the song. That is the best. When it touches or resonates with someone – that’s when you know you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

When you’re not focusing on your music, what can we find you doing? I feel like this whole year has been completely dedicated to my music. The making of this album [thank you to my amazing fans at home for making this possible] and also constantly performing with my band, whether it’d be at our residency show and/or other gigs as well. I can’t wait to keep doing music all the time. It’s all I want to do every day. The only other thing you can catch me doing is acting. I have shot a couple different films this year that I hope you guys will check out soon! All updates on my music and film work is and will be available on my website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Featured Friday with Anjelia Pelay, Check out her new single “Kiss My Ass”

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