Sandra Lynn Returns with New Single for Summer,

“Hey California”

Nashville has always held a special place in this California Natives heart. Growing up in a neighborhood full of horses, cattle, and ranch-style houses, Sandra-Lynn felt connected to country music and its ability to make you feel right at home since being a youngin’.

With her new single ‘Hey California’, Sandra beautifully weaves a soulful country sound with a contemporary-California vibe inspired by her early influencers; the Beach Boys and Sheryl Crow.

Whether you’re a California Girl, a Redneck Women, or anything in-between, this song is guaranteed to have you California Dreamin’ on even the most gloomy, humid days. So grab your headphones, your sweet tea, and have Sandra Lynn take you wander lusting the west coast in her new single ‘Hey California’.

For more on Sandra Lynn and to purchase one of these super cute ‘Hey California’ tees head over to her website HERE.


Featured Friday With California Native Sandra Lynn

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