We recently caught up with North Carolina native Christina Taylor to talk new music, life as a songwriter in Nashville and the emotion she felt when she saw her music video for “Don’t Look Good In Your T-Shirt Anymore” on CMT for the first time. Her current single “That Girl” has over 300k Spotify streams and can be heard here. 

About Christina Taylor

She grew up in Florida,but is now a resident of both Charlotte, North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee. She began dreaming of a career in music at a very early age. Her musical influences span several different genres and you can hear those influences (R&B,Pop and Soul) accumulated in her country sound.

Christina is part of the family at Go Long Entertainment, LLC, an Artist Development Company based in Nashville, TN and led by VP’s of Artist Development, Sherrie Austin and Will Rambeax. The song writing collaboration with Sherrie and Will has already produced some incredible new songs and Christina is itching to get into the studio to lay them down very soon. In the mean time, those living in the Charlotte and Nashville areas should take every opportunity to get out and see this rising star live.  She is playing her new material regularly at shows, along with covers of influential music that

She is playing her new material regularly at shows, along with covers of influential music that is at the core of who she is as an artist. When asked what inspires her and her direction as an artist, Christina says, “I feel that I have a responsibility to write and sing about what it’s like to grow up in today’s world. There is so much going on every day to draw from, those feelings, emotions and experiences show up in my music. I want to connect, in a very real way with my peers and fans, giving country music a path forward for me and for those I want to touch through my music.”

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Featured Friday With Christina Taylor

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