We recently caught up with GLEE star and YouTube sensation Noah Guthrie while he was visiting in Nashville, Tennessee. Known as Roderick Meeks in the sixth and final season of GLEE, Guthrie has been quite a busy man since moving back to his home state of South Carolina.  He is gearing up to release his sophomore album The Valley out tomorrow, June 23, 2017, on his own independent label through Sony RED. Watch our interview and a special acoustic performance of “Break The Silence” a track from his new album here on Country Music Minute.

“I’ve grown a great deal as an artist and the music grew with me,” explains Noah about the new record. “These songs are more mature and personal than anything else I’ve ever written.  They are from my heart.  I really want to show fans my original songs are where I live.” -Noah Guthrie

From a self-admitted withdrawn, introverted adolescent, Noah Guthrie has grown smoothly into his internet notoriety, with a loyal fan base that helped him self-finance the recording of his debut through Indiegogo.com and raise money for promotion, marketing and publicity for The Valley on PledgeMusic. (Aristo Public Relations)

“The crazy thing about today’s music business is you can literally go from your bedroom to anywhere in the world. I treat my fans with respect, and let them know how thankful I am to have them.  I try to be as real as I can.  I always want to verbalize how much I love them, because without them, I couldn’t do what I do.”- Noah Guthrie


Guthrie is currently on a European tour in Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands, where he has developed an impressive following. For a full list of tour dates click HERE.

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GLEE & YouTube Star Noah Guthrie Gears Up To Release Sophomore Album The Valley

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