Reviver recording artist, Kayla Adams embraces high energy anthems for country music fans & anyone who loves a good time. She is a native from Montana and is now living in Nashville, TN, chasing her dreams. Musically, Kayla has always been drawn to the songs that touch her emotions. The sad ones, the angry ones, those that make her feel… The songs that matter the most to Kayla are those that are honest, soul-baring and have meaning.

“If my music can move my fans to be more direct and unapologetically demanding, then we’re going in the right direction,” Kayla says. “The thing I really love about sad music is that it reminds you that you aren’t alone and that someone understands what you are going through.”

Kayla’s vision is to bring who she is to the world. To empower girls who feel like all boys do is take advantage of them. To remind them that they are queens & that they deserve better. Kayla wants to sing about the real things she feels & see others feel. Kayla Adams has been busy preparing new music, and recently released her debut EP and single, “Bad Decisions.”  CLICK HERE TO WATCH BAD DECISIONS!

Introducing Kayla Adams!

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