Kaylee Rutland Talks New Single “Pick Me Up”

If you’re looking for a pick-me-upper (and I’m not talking about your favorite cup of joe) then look no further because country music is embracing Kaylee Rutland with her brand new single “Pick Me Up.”  AND it’s the perfect upbeat, energetic song to get your weekend rolling…

Co-written and produced by four-time Grammy nominee Jamie O’ Neal,”Pick Me Up” offers a young, fun, fresh look at a Friday night. You’ll remember country singer Jamie O’Neal from her earlier hits in the 2000’s like “There Is No Arizona” and “Somebody’s Hero.”😉

Kaylee told us at Country Music Minute, “when we started writing it, I had actually just gotten out of class on a Friday and I went over to Jamie’s, and Jamie and her sister Minnie Murphy were there and we had planned on writing a song but we were all just gathered around her coffee table and talking about how glad we were that it was finally Friday and venting about what a long week it had been. The more that we talked about it, we were like well why don’t we just write a song about that. And that’s how “Pick Me Up” came about.”

What is your routine when it comes to songwriting? I think a lot of times I’ll be walking between classes on campus or reading a book or talking to my mom on the phone and I’ll say something or hear something or just be feeling something really strongly and I’ll just jot it down in a notebook or on my phone. If I even have ten minutes to myself, that’s when it hits when I’m really feeling something. The only way I can express this is if I grab my guitar and just like put some random melody to it, and that’s how most of my songs come about.

Kaylee’s fun-spirited personality captivates the attention of listeners and shines through her music with catchy, upbeat lyrics.  She is a breath of fresh air and definitely an artist you should have on your playlist this Friday.

“Pick Me Up” is currently receiving substantial airtime on Radio Disney Country and Spotify.

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