Shooter Jennings Tuesday, August 5th, a small intimate crowd gathered at Amoeba Music store on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood for the release of Shooter Jennings new EP, “Don’t Wait Up,” a tribute to George Jones.

Jennings was joined on stage by violin player, Aubrey Richmond. The two performed several songs off his new album including, “I’m Playing Possum” which he had written with plans for George to record it, and “Living In A Minor Key.” However, Jennings cannot take all the credit for naming this specific track, “Living In A Minor Key.”  One night during many of their trips to Sturgis, Jennings and a friend were out to dinner when his friend suggested the title to the track.  At the time it was very fitting for Jenning’s life and it has remained the title of the song to this day.

Jennings laughed on stage as he reminisced about his father Waylon Jennings.  One of the most frequent questions Jennings receives in an interview is, “What’s your favorite Waylon song?”  He jokes, “that’s a dumb question, there are so many,” but he continues to ramble off a few of his favorite Waylon songs. “Blue Texas”, “Satin Sheets” and “Belle Of The Ball” are just a few of his favorites which he also later performed. When his father passed away in 2002, Jennings said they had a hard time coming up with something to write on his headstone.  “Belle Of The Ball” was a special song that describes Waylon in the first two lines, “A vagabond dreamer, a rhymer and singer of songs.” These lyrics are on his headstone where the American country outlaw lies resting in Mesa, Arizona. Later, Jennings noted that “growing up as a child in the house of Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, I met a lot of interesting people.” One of the people Jennings recalls visiting frequently was none other than the great George Jones. Jones was one of the very few who Jennings said made him feel “important.”

“Don’t Wait Up” is one of the greatest tributes to country legend, George Jones. The album consists of five tracks, “Don’t Wait Up (I’m Playing Possum)”, “Living In A Minor Key”, “She Thinks I Still Care”, “If Drinkin’ Don’t Kill Me” and “Door.”

Thank you Shooter Jennings for continuing to carry on the legend of some of the greatest performers in country music!


Shooter Jennings Releases New EP, “Don’t Wait Up”- A tribute to George Jones

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