Benefit For The Hank Cochran Pen Fund Features
Rafe Van Hoy, Marla Cannon-Goodman, Dale Dodson, Waylon Payne, Don Sampson & Ronnie Bowman

“Hank is why we did it; Red is how we did it.”

– Booth Calder Cochran, Co-founder, THCPF

Superstar songwriters Rafe Van Hoy, Marla Cannon-Goodman, Dale Dodson, Waylon Payne, Don Sampson and Ronnie Bowman will pay tribute to Hank Cochran and Red Lane at 3rd & Lindsley  (816 3rd Ave. South) on Wednesday, January 17 to benefit The Hank Cochran Pen Fund.  Tickets are $10; doors open at 6 p.m. and the show begins at 7:30.  The 501(c)(3) charity focuses its efforts on financially assisting songwriters with cancer.

The family of Country Music Hall of Fame member Hank Cochran launched THCPF in his honor following his death from Pancreatic cancer in 2010 and it is helmed by Hank’s daughter, Booth.  “Honoring Hank was the inspiration for the Fund, but Red was instrumental in getting us motivated to act,” Booth recalls.  “Hank is why we did it; Red is how we did it.  They were lifelong friends, and Red was a huge support to our family as Hank fought the disease – and as we grieved.  I thought it fitting to honor them both with our first fundraiser of 2018, and I hope a sell-out crowd can help us pay tribute to these two music men.”

ABOUT THCPF: The Hank Cochran Pen Fund  offers financial support to songwriters and their families as they deal with cancer.  “Hank understood songwriters better than anyone,” Booth recalls.  “Not every writer is on the charts every week; some never make it there at all, but they are all songwriters.”  The Fund shares that philosophy, and is dedicated to helping writers – of all career stages – in whatever way possible.  To date, the Fund has paid mortgage and utility bills, paid for medical supplies, meals, Uber rides and dog sitter fees.  “Everyone’s life is different and so everyone has unique needs,” notes Cochran.  “Our goal is to help meet the financial needs of the individual so that they can focus on healing.” 




Superstar Songwriters Pay Tribute To Hank Cochran & Red Lane At 3rd & Lindsley On Wednesday, January 17

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