TuneIn Tuesday! We are so excited to share with our fans an artist we have been admiring for some time now, Allie Colleen. Although this talented young woman comes from an undoubtedly gifted musical family that did not stop her from furthering her professional career as a songwriter. She’s currently attending Belmont University School of Music here in Nashville, Tennessee, which is one of the most prestigious programs for songwriting in the nation.

We caught up with Allie in Nashville before her gig at Scoreboard Bar & Grill to talk life, music, the meaning behind her tattoos and how her family has had an influence on her career. Recently engaged to fiancé Jonathan, she beamed as she shared her story of how it happened backstage while her father sang “She’s Every Woman” at a show in Los Angeles. When we asked if he would be paying for the honeymoon, as he has been known to for fans in the past, she laughed and said, “he better.”

Blessed with incredible talent, a beautiful soul and a heart of gold, Allie Colleen is that singer-songwriter that you just immediately connect with. We look forward to seeing where her musical path takes her after graduating from Belmont.

In the meantime, you can catch Allie Colleen playing at Scoreboard Bar & Grill. For a full list of shows please visit her website here. 

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TuneIn Tuesday with Singer-Songwriter Allie Colleen

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