“Edge of 18” is the first single off his new EP “Living” which was released in January 2016. “Edge of 18” is a hard hitting, hook you in kind of song. A catchy, singable melody with a modern country sound. A song of regret of lost love, looking back on those younger years and choices made that we wish we could get back. Steve has recently released his music video for “Edge of 18” and fans cannot seem to get enough! Check out his new music video here.


Steve Dorian is a rising singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN and current member of the famed pop vocal group ROCKAPELLA. He moved to Nashville in 2012 after spending some time in Orlando, FL where he honed his vocal and performance chops on the stages of Disney and is now realizing his dream of being a solo country artist in Music City. Steve is no stranger to the stage being a member of ROCKAPELLA touring with the group throughout the U.S. and overseas. His writing and vocal performance can be heard on the group’s three latest albums “Bang”, “A Rockapella Holiday”, and “Motown and More”.

Although Steve pushes the boundaries of his talent on various stages, he is a true and honest singer/songwriter influenced by the likes of Vince Gill, Garth Brooks, Keith Urban and more. His heartfelt lyrics and pop-influenced melodies speak volumes of who he is as an artist.

In summer 2015, Steve had the honor of playing CMA Music Fest on the ATT Showcase Stage as the winner of AT@T Uverse’s Country Deep Rising Star Contest; a national and original song competition.

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Turn Up Tuesday! Steve Dorian New Single “Edge of 18”

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